Located on South Terrace, Port City Roasters is a unique cafe serving premium in house roasted coffee and high quality food. 

Photos by Kyle smith

At Port City Roasters we aspire to collaborate premium roasted coffee with high quality food. Each day we work to bring fresh innovative products from wraps and sandwiches to craft deserts. Along with that our roaster is constantly working to create the freshest and best tasting blend of beans possible.

Our success is derived from years of experience involving extensive travels in search of quality beans, coupled with essential ingredients and skilled teams of baristas. These initiatives have culminating in the quality and success of the coffee brew, we serve in our store today. We roast our own unique blend of fine coffee through our roasting facility in Perth, with beans and skills sourced from the finest coffee growing regions globally.

At Port City Roasters we believe that "Local Rules" isn't just a saying but a lifestyle that we devote our time to. We try to source all of our ingredients locally to bring you the best flavours possible. This is why our team has taken the initiative to travel to the coffee plantations we source our coffee from so we know what the local culture is that influences so much of what we do everyday. Whether it is taking local action in our own neighbourhood or across the world, we want to support the idea of supporting local and creating products that have a direct impact on our surrouding areas.



(08) 9336 5475




312 South Terrace
South Fremantle, 
Perth, W.A. 6162



M-F 630a–4:30p
Sat & Sun 7a–430p


Check out our kitchen for delicious food we serve daily